Baby's  Adventureland  Land

....a nursery school where growing up is an adventure

Business Hours

Business hours: 

06:45 – 18:00

(full day)


06:45 – 14:00

(half day)



At Baby’s Adventure Land, we have four classes and can accommodate a total of 79 children.

Little Bugs - Babies to 18 months

(3 Staff members)

Teddy Bear Class - 18 months to 3 years

(2 Staff members)

The Jungle Class - 3 years turning 4

(2 Staff members)

The Busy Bee Class - 4 years turning 5,Grade 00

(3 Staff members)

All you need to know

God borrows children to parents to love, guide, teach and care for. It is a privilege for Baby’s Adventure Land to take hands with parents to care of their little ones. We are committed to the children entrusted to us and aim to provide the best care and stimulation possible. Our loving staff has years of experience and will guide your little one’s development with respect and sensitivity.

Baby’s Adventure Land provides an environment in which every child can develop and grow to cultivate personality and character in his or her own right. We are looking forward to play a significant role in every child’s life. You are welcome to browse our website.

For more information you can send us an email. You are also welcome to visit us at your earliest convenience, as it is important to us that you feel comfortable with your choice in care for your most precious gift in life, your child.


Children are not a distraction from more important work.  They are the most important work." C.S.Lewis


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